Yoga Maribor


Yoga is a sustainable (self) therapeutic practice that calms our nervous system and strengthens our body and mind. Daily yoga practice significantly contributes to our emotional balance, as it trains our mind to remain a compassionate witness to itself even in the midst of vigorous emotional vortex. By practising conscious breathing, we become aware of the constant mental bubbling and we realize that, like every thought, every feeling eventually passes as well. As yoga strengthens our nervous system, it reduces the tendency to fall into anxiety or depression during difficult times. Once the yogic elements are well internalized, yoga helps us stay focused and emotionally stable in all life situations.

“The true practice of yoga asks you to connect the parts of you that seem "ugly" or "broken" with the ones that appear outwardly attractive and whole.”

Bo Forbes

Through regular yoga practice we learn to listen to ourselves and our bodies, we develop compassion and love for ourselves, and we give ourselves what our body and spirit need. By recognizing and overcoming our physical and mental limitations we eventually become our own best teachers.