Death is inevitable for every one of us.

When someone passes peacefully and we know that the deceased has lived a beautiful and fulfilling life, despite our mourning we might experience feelings of love and thankfulness –for all the moments that were given to us, for the sole opportunity to love someone. But when someone’s death is unexpected and premature, when we have lost a person who was especially close to us, the pain of a loss can be unbearable.

Mourning is a process that takes its time – as much time as needed. It contains a whole range of emotions, which almost indistinctly change in our grey everyday life. Yet one day, somewhere at the back door, silence comes again. It is no longer the same as before, nothing is. The pain has now become a void that wasn’t even there before

With hypnosis we can say goodbye to our loved ones emotionally as we make our peace with death. When the time is right, when we feel ready to face our loss, we can reach for an expanded understanding and transform our pain into a loving memory.

This is the beginning of healing, which often goes beyond our perceptual levels. And even though our grieving may never stop, we become able to perceive our loss differently – through feelings of love and gratefulness for all the moments we have had with our loved one.

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