Are you familiar with the scenario when you stroll to the fridge to nibble on chocolate up to five times within a few minutes?

Nibbling, too, (often) has a subconscious origin. Whether it’s some unfulfilled need, an unhealed wound, or an unintentional ratification of a bad self-image, when we reflect and resolve the unconscious cause, the compulsive action ceases as well.

Hypnotherapy helps us change our patterns of behaviour on a subconscious level. It enables us to release those emotional causes, which may obstruct us in our goals, and to convince our subconscious about the idea of ​​a new lifestyle that will bring us the well-being we desire. In a state of hypnosis, we can face those “parts” of ourselves that may sabotage our wishes and hinder us on our desired path. Becoming aware of these hidden aspects of ourselves allows us to adopt the dark shadows of our personality, to develop a deep understanding of the behaviour we may condemn on ourselves, and to realise that our deficits are actually the seeds for our greatest virtues. Doing that brings deep compassion, indulgence and self-love into our lives.

And the key component? For starters, we need to move from I-don’t-want land towards I-do-want land. We all usually know very well what we don’t want – but how often do we actually think about the things we do want and how do we feel about them?

Anything that we can manifest in our minds has the potential to become our reality!

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