Hypnosis during pregnancy

Therapeutic hypnosis is most widely spread in obstetrics where hypnosis has been used as a means for reducing potential difficulties and as preparation for childbirth since 1920. During pregnancy, hypnosis can help with morning sickness, headaches, back pain, anxiety, fear of birth or any other discomforts women might experience, without any side effects.

Since hypnosis is in fact a deep relaxation, being in a trance itself has numerous positive effects on a pregnant woman as well as her fetus. Pleasant suggestions contribute to deep mental relaxation and help women let go of their worries and fears. Hypnosis can also be used as preparation for childbirth; here, women in trance state are intensely conditioned to remain deeply relaxed during the process of giving birth. When they remain relaxed, childbirth runs quickly, smoothly and with little inconvenience.

When we use hypnosis for childbirth preparation, sessions (as well as the practice of self-hypnosis) need to start as quickly as possible – at least a few months before labour. Everyday self-hypnosis practice and entering trance state is vital.