About me

Eva Vovšek

I started my career in the field of law, although I have always been fascinated by the complexity of the human mind. In my twenties, I discovered the world of yoga and altered states of mind, and later on hypnosis and the hidden drive of the human mind – the subconscious. That is when a whole new world was revealed to me – a world that until then remained hidden under the surface of my consciousness and reflected only through my outer experiences.

Studying at the International Advanced Transcendental Hypnotherapy School that took place at Sirovnik Institute, significantly contributed to my personal growth. However, I was mostly fascinated by hypnotherapy’s visible and deep effects. I believe that knowing our subconscious self and the influence it has on our lives, as well as constant personal growth that results in a higher state of mind, is vital for living a joyful and peaceful life, as well as for creating authentic, loving and harmonic interpersonal relations.

I’m very pleased to see my clients successfully resolving difficult states or traumas, but it gives me even more joy when during the session they get in touch with their own “true selves” – something that resides in all of us and involves highly creative and transformative force that has the power to change everything in our lives. That is when our life becomes what it once was when we were children – an endless game of Joy and pure Love.